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Zhe Jiang Yuan Da Plastic Co., Ltd.

Located in China Printing City Long Gang Zhen Shuang Long Industrial Zone, is a collection of production, sales, research and development in one of the cast film enterprise.

The enterprise was originally created in 2003, is the first introduction of multi-layer co extruded cast film production line, as the first in the north of Fujian province. After several years of struggle, expanding the size of enterprise, has been the introduction of four in the domestic and international advanced level of multi-layer co extruded cast CPP film production line and a series of equipment, the maximum width of 3500mm, with annual production capacity of more than 22000 tons. Production operations are cooking RCPP film, universal, aluminized MCPP film, paper plastic composite, antistatic, toughening, CPE series of films, the products are widely used in the field of printing and packaging.

Has a staff of more than 100 people at this company, technical backbone of more than 30 people, R & D personnel 10 people, quality staff to provide a strong guarantee for the rapid development of enterprises.

Companies adhering to the "quality of survival, innovation and development, strengthen the management efficiency" concept, to be strict in one's demands, wholeheartedly dedication spirit, sincere service to customers, and seek common development, create brilliant.

Main products: CPP films use scope: composite packaging bag, food and clothing bags, paper plastic composite film, cooking bags, file and the album, low temperature, gas film packaging material.

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